How to Add Your Blog to Technorati

If you add your blog to a search engine like Technorati, many more people will be able to find your blog and share it with others! My code is: BGXZ4KF2BWZE Why this is important will be shown in a minute.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Sign in to your Technorati account (Don’t have one? It’s ok; it’s FREE!)
  2. Go to your profile and scroll down until it says My Claimed Blogs (there should be an area saying Start a blog claim)
  3. Fill in your blog’s URL in the blank and hit claim.
  4. Fill our your blog’s information and select Next Step.
  5. Go back to your profile and scroll down to where you see your blog listed under your claimed blogs and click Check Claim. 
  6. A claim status will appear and you will need to put (in an actual post) your verification number. My number is: 8EXZ4XJB7FF5. Be sure you publish your post before you go to next step!!!
  7. Only after you have officially published your post will you click the Verify Claim Token button.
  8. Once you have clicked the button, a verification screen will pop up saying that Technorati is evaluating your claim. This just means that you will have to wait until they can locate the code they gave you.
  9. Once Technorati has verified the code, you will see a page pop up when you check your claim status.
  10. Now you just need to wait for your final review. This might take a while, so you may want to finish this the next day or at least a couple hours later. All of the steps until now have been quick, even if it said to wait. But that’s all there is to it!

I hope this has been helpful to some of you! Thanks for reading!

~Love Lindi


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